Upright clamps for pipes

Pipe clamps AISI 304

Pipe clamps for straight pipes ø42.4mm, material AISI304

The brackets are suitable for attaching stainless steel ø42.4mm pipes to the base and the wall.

With the system, you can build a railing, handrail, additional supports, exit supports, etc.

The parts of the system do not need to be welded. The modules are assembled with screws and adhesives.

- straight fasteners (round, rectangular, square)

-corner brackets (inner corner, outer corner)

- on the wall, ceiling, floor, level, etc.

- hidden fasteners

- articulated fasteners

Brackets for pipes of other sizes on request.

Other materials such as AISI 316S (satin) AISI 316M (matt) on request.

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