Iron railings

Metal railings

Metal railings with the expertise of 30 years of experience.
 You can install our railings yourself or, if necessary, we will do the installation work for you. 
Metal rails powder coated with all RAL colors. Our handrails are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. All outboard railings are blasted and galvanized before powder coating. 

 Knowledge Corner: 
You need a railing if there is a drop of more than half a meter and there is a possibility of misconception or hacking. The height of the handrail is determined by the height of the fall excluding the balcony or terrace of the apartment. 
The height of the balcony balcony or terrace railing must always be at least 1000mm (1 meter) and must be so called. at least 700mm (70 centimeters) of protective part. Horizontal structures that allow climbing are prohibited.

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