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Piazzetta M180R


Structure: enamelled steel, closed firebox with an electronically controlled rise and fall opening of 360° panoramic glass.
Firebox: in Aluker®
Hood: in steelpainted black or white
Fire pit: in Aluker®
Edge trim: choice of conical or cylindrical, black or white
Opening: with an electronically controlled rise and fall opening
Primary air: fixed
Secondary air: fixed
Flue outlet: top
Flue damper: valve with manually adjustable, and removable handleAsh pan: removable
Fuel: wood
Heating: natural convection and radiant


Nominal thermal efficiency % 75,7
Rated heat output kW 16,4
Consumption at rated heat output kg/h 4,8
Maximum heat output kW 21,6
Maximum consumption kg/h 4,8
Flue outlet Ø cm 25
Fresh air intake (recomm. min sect.) cm2 300
Basement Weight kg 120
Cape Weight kg 48
Electric power Rise n'fall V 230 - 50Hz

Rise and fall opening electronically motorized.

Laboratory data using beech wood with less than 20% moisture content. Consumptions may vary according to the type of wood used 

Compatible cladding:


All Piazzetta products have a 3-YEAR warranty. 

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the warranty to 5 YEARS including the availability of spare parts guaranteed for 10 years.

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