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Lynx06 Central processing unit

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Lynx06 Central processing unit. 

Power supply (Vac) 230 (+6% -10%) – 50Hz
Absorbed power (W) 3
Motor absorbed power (W) 500
Accessories max. load (mA) 500
Power supply and flashing lamp max.
230 Vac 25 W
Power supply and max. load of barrier
status indicator lamp
24 Vdc 5 W
Operating ambient temperature (°C) -20 +55
Protection fuses
F1= T5A (transformer primary winding and motor)
F2= T500mA (accessories and indicator lamp)
Function logics
Automatic/Automatic step by step/Semi-automatic/Semi-automatic step by
Opening / closing time In self-learning mode during first manoeuvre
Pause time Nine levels selectable up to a maximum of 4 minutes
Motor power Adjustable on several levels
Slow-down time Three selectable levels
Obstacle detection With encoder
Selectable functions
Operates with or without encoder/Encoder sensitivity/Automatic re-closure/
Open input operation/Condominium function/Slow-down percentage/
Heating function/Immediate closure/Timer function/Soft start/Photocells
operation/Maintenance request
Terminal board inputs
Opening/Closing/Photocells/Opening limit switches/Closing limit switches/
Stop/Mains power supply/Earthing
Inputs with connector Radio module/Thrust capacitor/Encoder
Terminal board outputs Accessories power supply/Flashing lamp/Motor/Indicator light


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