INOX railing parts

INOX railing parts

INOX railing parts

Stainless steel railing parts Stainless steel railing parts directly from the importer without intermediaries

We imported the product series of stainless steel railing parts to meet the growing demand for stainless steel as a decorative and functional material, as well as due to its anti-corrosion properties.

In fact, stainless steel (INOX) is a mixture of iron and carbon that has been made corrosion-resistant with chromium: It forms a resistant film through its oxidation that prevents damage caused by external factors.

The product line of INOX railing parts is designed to provide all users with an easy system for creating fences that can be easily installed. In fact, INOX balustrade parts are all modular systems that do not need welding, sharpening or polishing during installation. They are also compatible with standard size steel pipes.

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