Automatic barriers

Automatic barriers

Boom equipment creates safety. Electrically operated, multi-way booms are tailored to meet the needs and requirements of the application.

Current technology working together with barriers: The starting point for mapping the barrier equipment is the beam size, that is, most often the width of the opening to be closed / monitored. Thereafter, adding technology / automation is simple when the future user base and purpose is cleared.

In short, the boom assembly is as follows:

- Barrier body (all models have a built-in central unit that can be easily combined with a variety of automations.)

- Beam, that is, an immobilizer. Depending on the model 2.8 m - 7 meters

- Safety devices, ie sensors, limiters, photocells, warning lights, etc.

- Automation equipment. Timed functions, remote controls, code equipment, loop sensors, video equipment, etc.

Our designers will assist you when choosing the right equipment. However, we have made it easy to purchase the barrier equipment by piling up our sample configurations with prices from three different beam models. Or you can build the package you like.

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