Attic stairs

Attic stairs

Stairs to the attic as electric or manual.

When choosing attic stairs, it is good to consider a few points:

- Do you also carry goods on the stairs? Choose a sufficiently wide and sturdy staircase

- Is the attic insulated? If the attic is insulated, the attic stairs must also be insulated

- The steepness of the stairs. Attic stairs are often quite steep,

make sure that the stair railing is strong enough and you can get a firm grip on it.

- Opening of the attic stairs. Will you be able to open the stairs alone or will you need help?

The space required by the open staircase! The one that requires more space is gentler and easier to walk.

- Surface treatment of the attic stairs? An untreated staircase in an

uninsulated attic space exposes the stair surfaces to impurities and possible growths.

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